Question: When did Mr Knightley fall in love with Emma?

When he was 30 she was 14. But when she was 18, he was 34 and for some reason that does not seem too shocking. In the novel Emma is 21, making Mr. Knightley 37.

What chapter does Emma realize she loves Knightley?

Chapter 48 Summary: Chapter 48 She realizes that it has always been important to her to be “first” with Mr. Knightley and that he has always had special concern for her, but she cannot believe he could return her feelings, especially when he has just been so angry with her about her rudeness to Miss Bates.

Why does Emma insults Miss Bates?

Emma is contemptuous of Miss Bates because of her lack of social consequence, her excessive admiration for her niece (whom Emma envies), and her boring conversation. This contempt is mirrored in Emmas treatment of Miss Bates.

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