Question: What episode does House Date Cameron?

What episode does House Kiss Cameron?

Half-Wit In Half-Wit, Cameron kisses House while attempting to get a blood sample. The pairing is shot down by the show soon after Cameron becomes involved with Chase. In the season 5 finale they get married, but in season 6, they get divorced. Cameron admits that she was in love with House & Chase.

Did Allison Cameron Date House?

Camerons interest in House supposedly subsided as she began a relationship with Chase, although it resurfaces occasionally with flirtations and Freudian slips; in the season 4 episode Ugly, Cameron lets slip to a documentary team that she loves House.

Why did Chase Cameron and Foreman leave House?

I like you. At the end of Season 3, Chase is promptly fired by House following an outburst over his treatment of Foreman but the official reason given to Chase is that Its time for a change and that he has been around the longest and has learned all he can from House. However, it is more likely that Chase was

Does Dr House get a girlfriend?

Dominika Patrova House marries Dominika in season 7, following his break-up with Cuddy. However, this is just a sham, so that Dominika could get a green card.

Why did Cuddy leave the show house?

Lisa Edelstein, who played Cuddy on House MD, reportedly left ahead of the series finale due to the pay cut that was offered at the end of season seven. Lisa Edelstein played the memorable character of Cuddy on the popular medical drama series, House MD. Having debuted in 2004, the show enjoyed an eight-season run.

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