Question: Who is Sooyoung dating?

Are Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-ho still dating?

Jung Kyung Ho is known to be the owners of these two dogs. Jung Kyung Ho and Sooyoung started dating back in September of 2012 and are known to be the longest-standing celebrity couple. They are loved by fans as they continue their love with each other for the ninth year.

How did Sooyoung and Jung Kyung-ho meet?

Sooyoung has always kept silent about her dating life because she wants her privacy respected so this is the first time fans are actually getting new details about her relationship with Kyung Ho. The actor revealed that he first met Sooyoung after she was introduced to him by a mutual friend of theirs.

How long is sooyoung dating?

“Ive been dating someone for over eight years,” he said, “so I think that Choi Sooyoung is what has made me who I am.

Who in girls generation is still in SM?

In 2017, Girls Generations Sooyoung, Seohyun, and Tiffany parted ways with SM Entertainment and joined new agencies while YoonA, Taeyeon, Yuri, Sunny, and Hyoyeon decided to remain and renew with SM Entertainment. Currently, the Girls Generation members are busy promoting as singers, actresses, DJs, and more.

Why is girl generation called SNSD?

Why is Girls Generation called SNSD? The Girls Generation band, in Korean, is called Sonyeo Sidae. This name, in Korean, translates to Generation of Girls. Since in Korean the name Sonyeo Sidae is actually written as So-nyuh Shi-dae, the group gets its English abbreviated name, SNSD.

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