Question: Why are INTPs so attractive?

They can be more attracted to someone who is outgoing and fun, even if they dont naturally want to search for this type of person. It can seem intimidating at first but INTPs do find themselves drawn to people who are different than them, and who have a way of being charming and adventurous.

What kind of people are INTPs attracted to?

INTPs are attracted to those who find themselves smart, imaginative, and enthusiastic about personal goals. INTPs usually battle to maintain curiosity about people who lack intelligence or open-mindedness. Also, INTPs additionally enjoy speaking about their regions of interest having a partner.

Why are INTPs considered weird?

INTPs arent often ones to fit in easily, which can certainly make them seem weird to others. They have a rather unique way of seeing the world, as well as how they respond to it. INTPs are also somewhat uncommon personality types, which makes it hard for them to feel understood easily.

What makes an INTP feel loved?

While their sense of passion and enthusiasm might not translate openly, it is something very personal which they feel deep inside. INTPs also feel this sense of passion for the ones they love, especially when they fall deeply for someone.

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