Question: How do you tell your HIV date?

Keep what you say as simple and direct as possible. Tell the person why you want him or her to know. Let him or her know that you are sorting out issues related to your HIV status and his or her support is important to you.

How do I tell my wife I have HIV?

Telling your partner that you have HIV should be a private conversation at a location where you both feel comfortable. Emotions may arise and the comfort of your home or his or hers is a better environment for the both of you. Being able to comfortably express yourself will lead to a constructive conversation.

When do you have to tell someone you have HIV?

They will only tell your partner(s) that they have been exposed to HIV and should get tested. Many states have laws that require you to tell your sexual partners if youre HIV-positive before you have sex (anal, vaginal, or oral) or tell your drug-using partners before you share drugs or needles to inject drugs.

How can I find out if my partner has HIV?

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