Question: How long has Christina Milian been dating Brandon Wilds?

What rapper did Christina Milian date?

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight to promote the release of her new music video, Christina Milian finally confirmed her relationship with Lil Wayne. When asked if shes in love with the rapper, Milian said, “Hes very special to me, yeah,” with a smile.

How long have Christina and Matt been together?

Christina and Matt got together in August 2017, and married just over three years later in December 2020 - but not before welcoming their first son, Isaiah earlier that year. Matt is a french singer and songwriter, working under the stage name M.

Did Ja Rule Date Christina Milian?

Christina Milian is rumored to have dated Ja Rule - with whom she collaborated on 2000s Between Me and You - from 2000 to 2002.

Who is Ja Rule kids?

Jeffrey Atkins Jr. Britney AtkinsJordan Atkins Ja Rule/Children

Who did Ashanti date?

rapper Nelly Ashanti met rapper Nelly at a press conference for the 2003 Grammy Awards on January 1, 2003, and they began dating. Ashanti and Nelly ended their eleven-year relationship in 2014.

Can Christina Aguilera speak Spanish?

Aguilera, who is half-Irish, half-Ecuadorian, has been open about not speaking Spanish well but still being proud of her Latin roots. “Ive dealt with that [criticism] my whole life,” she said in an interview with Latina Magazine. “I dont speak the language fluently.

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