Question: Who are some famous women that are Aquarius?

Danai Gurira, Emma Roberts, and Christina Ricci were all born under the star sign of Aquarius. Elizabeth Olsen, Jennifer Aniston, and Kerry Washington are also famous Aquarius females. An Aquariuss inventive nature can be invaluable when trying to stay on top of trends.

Which celebrity is a Aquarius?

Aquarians are born between January 20 and February 18. Celebrities including Kerry Washington, Isla Fisher, and Harry Styles were born in Aquarius season. Shakira, John Travolta, and Christian Bale are also Aquarians.

Who is the most famous Aquarius?

Franklin D. Roosevelt is the most famous person born with the zodiac of Aquarius.

Are Aquarius females attractive?

Aquarius are friendly and kind. They are usually physically stunning because they hold their kindness in their eyes and their warmth is extended outwards. In addition to being physically beautiful, they also have an immense inner beauty that will make everyone they encounter attracted to them.

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