Question: Is Melina dating John Morrison?

John Morrison dated fellow WWE star Melina. Melina and Morrison were in a relationship when they made their debut on the main roster and remained together throughout their time in the company until Melina was released in 2011.

Are John Morrison and Melina still together?

Melina was once in a long-term relationship with John Morrison. There are many current and former WWE stars who were once in a relationship and have since been able to continue working together. When Melina and Morrison broke up back in 2015, it was revealed that the couple had dated on and off for 11 years.

Why did John Morrison change his name?

Morrison changed his name from Nitro to Morrison, stating that was his actual birth name, and he developed a new, cockier identity: At 4 months old, I could walk. At 8 months old, I could run.

Who is Morrisons wife?

Taya Valkyriem. 2018 John Morrison/Wife

Are Miz and John Morrison friends?

Best friends, The Miz and John Morrison, have broken up after the former WWE Champion attacked Morrison. The tension started when The Miz arrived at Morrisons Moist TV.

Did Miz and Morrison break up?

After the match, The Miz attacked John Morrison and laid him out with a Skull Crushing Finale, breaking up the pairing. HEY, HEY! This wasnt the only pairing that broke up on tonights show, as WWE officially also cemented the split between Eva Marie and Doudrop.

Who is Miz best friend?

John Morrison The long-lasting team of The Miz and John Morrison finally broke up after The A-Lister turned his back on his best friend John Morrison after a vicious blindsided attack.

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