Question: Who does Sam end up with?

Between the two Winchesters, it was Sam that managed to live a long life until dying from old age. Throughout the epilogue for Sam, he got the apple pie life with a wife and a son named Dean Winchester Jr.

Who does Sam end up with in supernatural?

Jared Padalecki proved that he mightve never watched an episode of his own damn show in an interview with Variety. And like expected, it caused quite a stir for shippers who know in their hearts that Sam Winchester ended up with Eileen Leahy.

Does Sam and Mercedes end up together?

In Season Four, they are no longer together as Mercedes is pursuing her career in LA while Sam is a senior at McKinley. Since Mercedes is going on tour and Sam leaving New York, adding the fact that Mercedes isnt ready to have sex with Sam yet, they decides to break up. They are on good terms now.

Does Sam end up with Amelia?

He tells Amelia he thinks the right thing to do is step aside for Don to return, but that what he really wants to do is stay with her. He tells Sam that he understands that part of Amelia still loves him, but that she also loves Sam, and that ultimately the decision is hers and he will respect that.

Does Rowena get with Sam?

After Rowenas second death at the hands of Lucifer and subsequent resurrection, her relationship with Sam became closer due to the two sharing traumatizing experiences at the hands of the archangel, giving them a greater understanding of each other.

What happened to Amelia and Sam?

In season 8, when Sam attempts his own version of a “normal” life, we meet a veterinarian named Amelia Richardson. She appears to have had a traumatizing past as well, after losing her husband in Afghanistan. Amelia chooses to leave her husband to be with Sam and Sam chooses to carry on hunting with Dean.

Why did Mercedes and Sam break up?

Sam kisses a photographer during a shoot and Mercedes and Sam break up because Mercedes thinks Sam will resent her in the long term because she doesnt want to have sex with him. Sam fulfills his dream of getting his junk on the side of a bus, and decides to move back to Ohio.

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