Question: Which is the best country in Eastern Europe to date?

Which is the best country in Eastern Europe?

12 Best Cities in Eastern EuropePrague, Czech Republic. Prague, Czech Republic. Tallin, Estonia. Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia. Krakow, Poland. Wawel Castle in Krakow, Poland. Budapest, Hungary. Hungarian Parliament building in Budapest. Kiev, Ukraine. Sunrise in Kiev. Bucharest, Romania. St. Dubrovnik, Croatia.More items •30 Jun 2021

What country has the lowest crime rate in Europe?

The lowest figures in the EU-27 were observed in Slovakia (27.8), Estonia (25.1), Croatia (21.4), Romania (10.8) and Denmark (4.0).

Which is the most expensive country in Europe?

Switzerland At the other end of the spectrum, its no surprise to find that Switzerland is Europes most expensive country, ranking as the worlds second-priciest place to live.

What is the most affordable country in Europe?

Bulgaria Bulgaria often tops the list of inexpensive countries to visit in Europe — and with good reason.

What is the most violent country in Europe?

Tallinn, Estonia Tallinn is the largest city in Estonia, a country known to have one of the highest homicide rates in all of Europe. The city has a homicide rate of 5.5 per 100,000 individuals which is crazy when you factor in the citys population which stands just over 400,000.

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