Question: How do seniors find dates?

Online is the Norm for Dating Seniors Those are still viable ways to find dates, but most people now use online dating to make the process easier. You can use a dating website like Silver Singles, OurTime or eHarmony to find potential dates in your area.

How do I meet men in their 60s?

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Is Eharmony good for 70 year olds?

eHarmony – Best Dating Site for Seniors Overall Here, you can also communicate freely with other senior members in your search for a match. As if its not enough, the site features a ton of success stories: most of their senior members have found compatible matches and exchanged marriage vows, even.

How much is Eharmony for seniors?

There is a free plan and three premium plans. Predictably, the free level offers fewer features than the paid memberships .eHarmony Subscription Pricing.PlanSubscription LengthPricingPremium Light6 months$54.90 per monthPremium Plus12 months$39.90 per month1 more row•18 Jun 2021

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