Question: How do I permanently delete my FT account?

Step 2: After login, click the down-arrow button at the top right of any Facebook page. Step 3: Next click Settings then click Your Facebook Information in the left column. Step 4: From the given options click Deactivation and Deletion. Step 5: Choose Delete Account, and then click Continue to Account Deletion.

How do I delete my FT account?

Email and ask them to cancel your account .How to cancel Financial TimesCall customer service on 800-628-8088.Ask to speak with a representative.Provide them with your name and subscription information.Request immediate cancellation.Ask for a confirmation email.

How do I cancel my FT trial?

If you have a Digital Trial simply log into Settings & Account and select Cancel your trial on the right-hand side.

Can I share my FT subscription?

No. You must have your own subscription to If you work in a company and you would like to have a company-wide subscription, our Corporate Sales team will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

How do I unsubscribe from Ft?

If you have a Standard Digital subscription, Premium Digital subscription or Digital Trial you can do this online by visiting the Subscription tab in Settings & Account and selecting the Cancel subscription option. Note: All cancellations will be processed at the end of your current subscription term.

How do I cancel an online subscription?

Tap on a subscription to cancel your subscription. For Android, open the Google Play app then select Menu > Subscriptions. Select the subscription you want to cancel and then select Cancel subscription.

How do I cancel my free trial on newspapers com?

How to Cancel Newspapers.comOn your internet-enabled device, go to with your email address and password.Scroll down to locate “Help” at the very bottom of the page.Scroll down to locate “Cancel” near the bottom of the page.Tap on the “Cancel” link.More items

How many people can use an FT subscription?

Each Subscription is for a single user only. We may cancel or suspend your Subscription account if you share your access rights with any third parties, or attempt to allow third parties to avoid our control of access to 2.5.

How do I access FT ePaper?

How do I access the ePaper?Go to and select your preferred edition.If you are not already logged in, well ask you to sign in using your email address and password.

How do I cancel subscriptions on my iPhone 12?

How to Cancel Subscriptions on Your iPhoneOpen the App Store app on your iPhone. Then tap your profile icon. Next, tap Subscriptions. Then select a subscription service under Active.Next, tap Cancel Subscription or Cancel Free Trial. Finally, tap Confirm.

How do you permanently delete an email address?

Select the Data & personalization option from the menu on the left.Scroll to the Download, delete, or make a plan for your data section and click the Delete a service or your account option.Click Delete a service.Enter your password.Click the trash bin icon next to the service you want to remove.

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