Question: Whats the normal frequency of communication in a relationship?

If youre curious about how your habits measure up, consider this: A 2015 Pew Research study found that 85 percent of young people in relationships expect to hear from their SO at least once a day, if not more, and another 35 percent of people expect their partner to reach out every few hours.

Is constant communication good?

The need for constant communication is often a warning sign in relationships. Why it matters: Constant communication may indicate dependency, insecurity or attention-seeking behavior, and it has led to the end of some relationships.

What is over communication in a relationship?

Sometimes I find that one or both partners can get into patterns of over-communicating, where they are sharing all of their feelings and thoughts about themselves and their partner. Your partner may get emotionally drained by all your communication and start to withdraw or go silent.

Is it OK to not text everyday?

Yes, its totally ok not to text a guy everyday. While texting all day long can definitely be fun and exciting. Another reason why, I highly recommend pacing your texting especially before the relationship is established. Because while those connections can feel great at the time.

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