Question: How do you farm credits in Halo Reach?

What is the fastest way to get credits in Halo Reach?

Pretty much the only legitimate way Ive found to earn credits is to go into campaign, turn the difficulty to legendary, and play through the entire campaign 5 or 6 times, and completing all campaign challenges.

How do you rank up fast in Halo Reach?

So really the best way to level up fast is to play as often as you can. Focus on quick games like SWAT, if they are available. Firefight, online multiplayer, and the campaign all offer plenty of XP rewards for playing, and will give more if you do well. Try to get a lot of kills or score the most points for your team.

How do you get unlimited ammo in Halo 3?

MultiplayerEdit Edit a level in custom games by pressing the X button on the controller on the main custom games screen. Then, you can set all weapons on the map to have unlimited ammo. Some Halo 3 matchmaking types, such as Team Snipers or Grifball, include unlimited ammo.

Are there skulls in ODST?

Hidden skulls have been with the series since Halo 2, so naturally ODST brings with it a unique set of hidden skulls to find. There are three total, each hidden inside one of the new multiplayer maps.

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