Question: Who did Taylor Swift wrote Enchanted to meet you for?

Who did Taylor Swift write Enchanted for?

Adam Young -- Its been no secret that each song Taylor Swift writes is inspired by a relationship shes experienced, both good and bad. One such song, Enchanted, from her current album, Speak Now, was penned by the 21-year-old superstar about Adam Young -- the electro-pop singer who records under the name Owl City.

Who wrote the song Enchanted?

Taylor Swift Enchanted/Lyricists

When was Enchanted written?

Enchanted (The Platters song)EnchantedSingle by The PlattersReleasedMarch 1959GenreR&BLength2:506 more rows

What movie is Enchanted by Taylor Swift?

The Vow Enchanted is a 2010 song on the album Speak Now. It was used as the theme song for Taylor Swifts new fragrance, Wonderstruck (probably because the word was used in the songs lyrics). The song was also featured on the MTV-released trailer of the 2012 movie The Vow.

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