Question: What can you do in Perth at night?

What can you do in Perth at night for free?

Join me as I guide you through free things to do in Perth.Kings Park botanic gardens walk. Movies in Northbridge Piazza. Coastal walks. Fremantle Markets. Dolphin watch on the swan river. Hike up to Kings Park. Enjoy scenic lookouts. Take a photo at the giant cactus.More items •20 Feb 2020

What is there to do in Perth tonight?

Experience Oz Blog Top 10 Things to do in Perth at nightWatch a show at His Majestys Theatre.Attend a cultural event during the Perth Festival. Watch a movie under the stars at the Rooftop Cinemas. Tee off with a round of Putt Putt at Holey Moley Northbridge. Stargazing at the Perth Observatory. More items

What can families do at night in Perth?

Things To Do With Kids At Night PerthPlay Night Mini Golf. Night Golf (Mini Golf in the dark) is open Thursday to Sunday evenings, with the last tee off time at 8:30pm at Wanneroo Botanic Gardens. Family Gaming Night. Battle It Out At Laser Tag. Go Roller Skating or Ice Skating. Sail The High Seas on a Twilight Cruise.

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