Question: What should you never say to a tomboy girl?

What should you not say to a tomboy?

7 Things To Not Say To A TomboyI can make you look so pretty. Just let me do your make up!Are you lesbian?Do you wear anything other than t-shirts and jeans?Do you just hate dresses?WOW! You should wear dresses more often.What?! You dont like (insert chick flick title)!?!?Its just a phase.5 Sep 2016

How do you flirt with a tomboy?

Flirting with Her. Make fun of yourself. Tell a story about a time you hilariously messed something up, or make a joke about the clothes youre wearing. Most tomboys are not interested in people with giant egos, so laughing at yourself is a great way to bond with your crush and let her know that you can take a joke.

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