Question: What are some traditions in Syria?

What are the traditions in Syria?

Syria is a traditional society with a long cultural history. Importance is placed on family, religion, education and self-discipline and respect. The Syrians taste for the traditional arts is expressed in dances such as the al-Samah, the Dabkeh in all their variations and the sword dance.

What is the traditional clothing in Syria?

Traditional Syrian male attire is the long gown called a “kaftan.” Women wear long robes that cover everything except hands and feet. Men and women wear head wraps.

What are some important holidays in Syria?

Syrian Arab Republic Public HolidaysNew Years Day. 01 January 2021.Revolution Day. 08 March 2021.Easter Sunday. 04 April 2021.Independence Day. 17 April 2021.Labour Day. 01 May 2021.Orthodox Easter Sunday. 02 May 2021.Orthodox Easter Sunday. 02 May 2021.Martyrs Day. 06 May 2021.More items

What religions are in Syria?

According to CIA World Factbook, 87% of Syrians are Muslim, the majority being Sunni Muslims (74%). A further 13% are Shia Muslims, following the Alawite (11%), Ismaili (1%) or Twelver Imami (0.5%) sects.

Is it better to eat with your hands?

When you eat with your hands, the flora in the fingers is swallowed. It is beneficial for health and for various body parts such as the mouth, throat, and intestine, and it promotes healthy digestion in the gut. Handling food with your fingers releases digestive juices and enzymes.

Is it good to eat rice with hands?

Of course, its acceptable to sip your raita from a spoon, but rice-heavy dishes like biryani are best enjoyed without utensils. You can bunch up the rice a bit with your hands before pushing it in your mouth with your thumb; this helps the grains stick together, resulting in less spillage.

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