Question: Where can I camp for free Alberta?

Where can I primitive camp for free?

Dispersed primitive camping is available anywhere throughout the woods, just like in other national forests in California. Three dispersed campgrounds that stand out the most include Lower Nye, Lakeview, and Grizzly Flat. The sites within the Grizzly Flat dispersed campground offer rock fire pits and vault toilets.

Where can I camp for free in Edmonton?

Dead End Road. Site overview: This location has up to five campsites available for use. Rio Grande Sports Grounds. Beaverlodge. Slawuta Pond. Bonnyville. Steveville Campground. Duchess. Little Berland. Grande Cache. Cactus Corner. Hanna. Strong Creek Park. Peace River. Severn Dam. Standard.More items •Jul 25, 2021

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