Question: Is Eharmony good for African American?

Our Top Pick for Dating Sites for Black People โ€“ eHarmony Were talking 2 million + people finding love, and a new one every 14 minutes. Second, eHarmony is loaded with high-quality black singles. Additionally, you can use search and interest functions to sort to see exactly what youre looking for.

Does Eharmony work in Africa?

And there are plenty of African singles to choose from; weve welcomed thousands of UK-based Africans who are looking for long-lasting relationships online with eharmony right now.

Who is Eharmony best for?

eHarmony is suitable for most age demographics; however, singles aged 25+ have had the most luck in finding their perfect match.

What is the demographic of Eharmony?

eHarmony has 15,500,000 members, 47% men and 53% women. Concerning age range, the members fall into the following demographics: 18 to 24 โ€“ 30% 25 to 34 โ€“ 18%

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