Question: Where is the electrical hookup on an RV?

Find the RV electrical plug (it looks like a washing machine plug). Its usually retractable and kept in a small marked compartment on the side of the rig. Scope out what type of cord you have and if its compatible with the campsite outlets. Some campgrounds only have 30 amp hookups (3-prong).

Where are the hook ups on an RV?

Typically they are located on the drivers side of your RV or camper so that they line up correctly with the location of the water, sewer, and electric hookups on your campsite. There may be a few exceptions, but in general, they will be on the left side.

How are RVs wired?

A large cord plugged into an electrical pedestal delivers AC power to the RV wires running throughout your rolling home. That large plug runs into your RV, where it connects to a 120V breaker panel. Wires run from that breaker panel to outlets and appliances and a converter that changes AC power to DC.

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