Question: Is Russian Cupid legit?

Is Russian Cupid legitimate? Yes. It is a member of Cupid Media, which also operates 30+ other niche dating websites.

Is Russian Cupid a good dating site?

RussianCupid has a consumer rating of 1.99 stars from 97 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about RussianCupid most frequently mention fake profiles, good luck and many times problems. RussianCupid ranks 29th among Russian Dating sites.

How much does Russian Cupid cost?

The Price of a Russian Cupid MembershipMembership LevelMonthly CostTotal CostGold - 1 MonthNA$34.99Gold - 3 Months$23.33$69.98Gold - 12 Months$11.67$139.99Platinum - 1 MonthNA$39.992 more rows

Where can I chat Russian?

6 Social Media Groups Where You Can Chat to Learn Russian“Want to learn Russian? Join this group”“Learning Russian with Pleasure”“English Language/Русский Язык/Viber/Whatsapp”

How do people interact with Russia?

CommunicationDirect Communication: Russians speak quite matter-of-factly and are generally comfortable with directness. Humour: Russian humour is very sarcastic, dry and quite direct. Swearing: It is common for Russians to swear in casual situations.

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