Question: Where do you stop on the way to Mount Gambier?

Make sure to stop along the way at the famous Naracoorte Caves and Coonawarra. If you are a wine lover, make sure to leave some time to taste some of the best Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz in Australia.

What is near Mt Gambier?

Top Attractions in Mount GambierUmpherston Sinkhole. 1,305. Geologic Formations. The Blue Lake. 1,504. Bodies of Water. The Valley Lake. 172. Bodies of Water • Valleys. Mount Schank. 110. Mountains. Cave Gardens. 426. Caverns & Caves • Gardens. Centenary Tower. 133. Engelbrecht Cave. 214. Mount Gambier Visitor Centre. 129.More items

Is Mount Gambier extinct or dormant?

The most recent eruptions were around 5000 years ago at Mount Schank and Mount Gambier. The area is considered dormant, which means it is not currently active, but could become active at any time.

Is Melbourne sitting on a volcano?

Mount Melbourne is a large undissected stratovolcano along the western coast of the Ross Sea in Antarcticas northern Victoria Land. The 2732-m-high glacier-clad stratovolcano lies at the center of a volcanic field containing both subglacial and subaerial vents that are situated along a dominantly N-S trend.

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