Question: Where is the headquarters of located?

BuzzFeed is headquartered in New York, NY and has 14 office locations across 10 countries.

Where is the BuzzFeed headquarters?

New York, New York, United States BuzzFeed/Headquarters

Who owns BuzzFeed?

Jonah Peretti BuzzFeedType of businessPrivateOwnersJonah Peretti NBCUniversal Verizon Media (Minority shareholder)Founder(s)Jonah Peretti John S. Johnson IIIKey peopleJonah Peretti (CEO) Dao Nguyen (Publisher) Ben Smith (Editor-in-chief) Lee Brown (CRO) Carole Robinson (CCO) Rhonda Powell (General counsel) Eric W. Muhlheim (CFO)11 more rows

How do I get in contact with BuzzFeed?

Contact Email Number +1 212-431-7464.

What is BuzzFeed company?

BuzzFeed is the leading independent digital media company delivering news and entertainment to hundreds of millions of people around the world. BuzzFeed is the worlds leading independent digital media company, which leverages data and innovation to reach hundreds of millions of people globally.

Who is the CEO of BuzzFeed?

Jonah Peretti BuzzFeed/CEO

How much do BuzzFeed people make?

How much do people at BuzzFeed get paid? See the latest salaries by department and job title. The average estimated annual salary, including base and bonus, at BuzzFeed is $121,324, or $58 per hour, while the estimated median salary is $127,761, or $61 per hour.

Is Inga Lam Taiwanese?

Lam, who was raised in Hong Kong and Taiwan, creates content that showcases the intersection of food, travel, and culture. Inspired by her Taiwanese heritage, Lam said she considers her personal channel a place where she can showcase Taiwanese culture more freely.

Is Chelsea Peretti a male?

Chelsea Vanessa Peretti (born February 20, 1978) is an American comedian, actress, television writer, singer and songwriter. She is best known for portraying Gina Linetti in the comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine and writing for Parks And Recreation and Saturday Night Live.

Who owns BuzzFeed India?

Directors of Buzzfeed India Private Limited are Priti Jayant Sheth, Roy Cysner, . Buzzfeed India Private Limiteds Corporate Identification Number is (CIN) U72900MH2016FTC271756 and its registration number is 271756.

Did Kristen leave BuzzFeed?

After Kristin Chirico and Jen Ruggirello left BuzzFeed, they shared their own stories in December 2020 (via Twitter). For them, the decision had a lot more to do with their mental health.

Is Inga Lam American?

Inga Lam (born: June 19, 1994 (1994-06-19) [age 27]), is a HongKonger-American chef, food vlogger, and YouTuber who is known for her own channel and for working at Buzzfeeds Tasty.

Does Inga Lam still work for BuzzFeed?

BuzzFeed video producer Inga Lam on how growing up in Hong Kong inspires her work. Esther is the Production Editor for Young Post, and she worked as a teacher in the United States, Macau, and Hong Kong before joining the Post in 2021.

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