Question: How old are all the wrestlers in WWE?

Who is the oldest active wrestler in the WWE?

The 15 Oldest Active Wrestlers In WWE History8 Undertaker (55)9 Goldberg (54) 10 Hulk Hogan (53) 11 Shawn Michaels (53) 12 Kane (53) 13 Kevin Nash (52) 14 Fit Finlay (52) 15 Triple H (51) Triple H turned 52 in 2021, and he has not ruled out a return to the ring in the future. More items •13 Aug 2021

How old is the youngest WWE wrestler?

10 Youngest Wrestlers To Ever Compete In WWE History (& Their Ages)1 Nicholas (10 Years Old)2 Jeff Hardy (16 Years Old) 3 Kenny Dykstra (17 Years Old) 4 Matt Hardy (19 Years Old) 5 Rene Dupree (19 Years Old) 6 Kelly Kelly (19 Years Old) 7 Paige (19 Years Old) 8 JoJo (19 Years Old) More items •9 Aug 2020

How old is the average WWE wrestler?

He mentioned that the average age of WWE wrestlers in the recent Royal Rumble match for the men was 39, and that of AEW for their recent Battle Royal was 29. It should be mentioned that Edge, who won the Royal Rumble, is 47-years-old.

Who is the lowest age in WWE?

WWE veterans like Daniel Bryan began wrestling as young as the age of 16. Brock Lesnar broke the record in 2002 when he became the youngest person to hold the WWE Championship at just 25 years old.

Who is the youngest wrestler in WWE 2020?

The 10 Youngest Current WWE Wrestlers1 1. RHEA RIPLEY - 22. The youngest current WWE superstar is Rhea Ripley -- the first-ever WWE NXT UK Womens Champion.2 2. TONI STORM - 23. 3 3. VELVETEEN DREAM - 23. 4 4. LIV MORGAN - 24. 5 5. REZAR - 24. 6 6. LIO RUSH - 24. 7 7. NOAM DAR - 25. 8 8. SARAH LOGAN - 25. More items •29 May 2019

Who is the most beautiful female wrestler?

Top 10 Hottest WWE Female SuperstarsStacy Keibler. advertisement. Lana. Alexa Bliss. The Bella Twins. Maryse. Torrie Wilson. Trish Stratus. Peyton Royce.More items •22 Aug 2021

How much do WWE female wrestlers get paid?

WWE Divas Salaries 2020 Contract DetailsDivasPPVs EarningsAnnual Salary (Contract)Ronda Rousey$250,000$2.1 millionCharlotte Flair$50,000$1 millionBecky Lynch$50,000$3.1 million (Contract)Alexa Bliss$30,000$350,00035 more rows

What old wrestlers are still alive?

Oldest wrestlers currently livingRankNameAge1Joe DOrazio99 years, 46 days2Bill Mercer95 years, 210 days3Joe Cornelius93 years, 133 days4Alex Iakovidis93 years, 34 days26 more rows

Who is the youngest wrestler in 2020?

The youngest current WWE superstar is Rhea Ripley -- the first-ever WWE NXT UK Womens Champion. She is a full year younger than Toni Storm at 22-years-old. She started wrestling in 2013 at the age of 17 for Riot City Wrestling in Australia where she was their champion twice.

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