Question: How many biological kids does Steve Harvey have?

Personal life. Harvey has been married three times and has seven children (four biological and three stepchildren). From his first marriage, to Marcia Harvey, he has two daughters (twins Brandi and Karli) and one son (Broderick Harvey Jr.).

Who is Lori Harvey biological father?

Steve Harvey Lori Harvey/Fathers

Did Steve Harvey adopt his stepchildren?

Steve experienced fatherhood once again after he exchanged vows with his third wife, Marjorie Harvey, in 2007. Instead of welcoming children together, however, the TV presenter adopted Marjories three kids, Morgan, Jason and Lori. Since blending his family with Marjorie, Steve feels like the luckiest guy on Earth.

Does Steve Harvey have a daughter?

Lori Harvey Morgan HarveyBrandi HarveyKarli Harvey Steve Harvey/Daughters

Who is Lori Harvey ex boyfriend?

Lori Harvey finally spoke about her ex-boyfriend Future throwing shade at her and her current boyfriend Michael B. Jordan. Says she decided to take high road Before Lori Harvey and Michael B Jordan were a thing, the model was dating rapper Future.

Who is dating Michael B Jordan?

Lori Harvey Jordan Reveals What He Finds Sexiest About His Girlfriend, Lori Harvey. A nice smile and a laugh and a sense of humor is really sexy to me.

Who Lori Harvey has dated?

Lori is now dating Hollywood actor Michael B Jordan. The pair confirmed their relationship on Instagram after months of rumours with a candid Polaroid snap. The dating rumours began after they were spotted travelling together on November 24, 2020.

What happened to future and Lori Harvey?

Lori Harvey and Future parted ways back in August 2020. And the model confirmed her relationship with the Black Panther actor in November 2020 through their respective social media. Future, in one of his tracks verse, dissed Lori where he rapped saying, Tell Steve Harvey I dont want her.

Are Future and Lori still dating?

The 24-year-old model and rapper dated for a few months before going their separate ways last August. Neither addressed their failed romance, but Future appears to be a bit bitter about their split. Two weeks ago, the rapper slighted Lori and her current boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.

Who broke up with who Future and Lori Harvey?

Future is not taking the high road. The rapper had no problem dissing his ex-girlfriend Lori Harvey and her new boyfriend Michael B. Jordan in his new song “Maybach” with 42 Dugg. Harvey and Future broke up in August 2020 after dating for a few months.

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