Question: When does an au pair have to be on duty?

Au pairs must be on duty no more than 45 hours per week, and no more than 10 hours per day. Au pairs must receive 1.5 consecutive days off per week and one full weekend per month. During their programme year, au pairs must be given 2 weeks of paid, off-duty holiday.

What is the duty of an au pair?

As an au pair, your main duties will be to: Prepare the children for school in the mornings. Take the children to school and pick them up again in the afternoons. Assist the children with their homework. Take the children to extra-mural activities and appointments.

Do au pairs have free time?

All au pairs are entitled to paid holiday time during the au pair stay. Regulations regarding this vacation entitlement vary from country to country. Not all countries offer a defined au pair programme or provide statutory requirements concerning the holiday entitlement of an au pair.

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