Question: Are Kat and Ian still friends?

“Ian and Kat are super close. They love each other. Theyre very excited to work together.”

Is Ian friends with Kat?

12 Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder (Frenemies) The two hated each other at first, and Graham says it all came down to their different levels of maturity. She says that the two are no longer frenemies, however, and that in 30 years hell be one of her closest friends.

Did Kat Graham go to Ian Somerhalder wedding?

Ians Vampire Diaries co-stars Kat Graham, Paul Wesley, Matt Davis and Phoebe Tonkin were in attendance. The couple didnt want wedding gifts, and instead they wanted donations to the Ian Somerhalder Foundation for rescued animals.

Who is Kat Graham friends with from TVD?

Both Nina and Kat posted photos from their “surprise Sunday funday,” showing that theyre still friends even after weve seen the last of Elena and Bonnie when the series ended in 2017. “I saw this quote hanging on Ninas wall at home and it says friendship isnt just one big thing, its a million little things.

Are Ian and Paul friends in real life?

Though its been four years since Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley last shared the screen as brothers Damon and Stefan Salvatore on The CW drama The Vampire Diaries, the real-life best friends havent missed a beat while creating and developing their joint passion project: bourbon. Life is tough, Ian adds.

Are Phoebe and Claire friends?

Claire and Phoebe have remained close friends since their time on the local show where they first met at just 16 and 15-years-old respectively.

Did Ian Somerhalder have a baby?

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalders baby girl Bodhi Soleil Reed Somerhalder is celebrating her first birthday today! The Twilight actress and the Vampire Diaries actor welcomed their first child into the world last July. The birth of baby Bodhi followed just two months after the couple first announced their pregnancy.

Does Ian Somerhalder wear a wedding ring?

Some have pointed out that Ian doesnt always wear his wedding ring in photos, but he is wearing it in his content posted in October of 2020. Nikki has also been wearing a wedding ring in her recent Instagram content. Others have claimed that Nikki removed wife from her Instagram bio.

Why did Bonnie leave Vampire Diaries?

Following her grandmothers death, Bonnie vanished from the series for a few episodes only to return as a character in touch with her magic. It was an empowering set of scenes and gave me hope that Bonnie would take her place as one of the series stars.

Are Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham friends in real life?

The Vampire Diaries alumni Nina Dobrev and Kat Graham have reunited in a sweet selfie and video on social media. The pair famously paid Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett, respectively, on the hit CW series – and it seems like their characters, theyve remained true friends off-screen.

Where is Paul Wesley now?

Wesley continues to act on TV shows, but has also stepped into directing and starring in off-Broadway productions. The actor directed several episodes of TVD and one episode of Freeforms Shadowhunters.

Who is Melissa Benoist best friend?

Leigh is best friends with actress and co-star Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leighs kids call Melissa Benoist aunt Melissa.

Did Ian and Nikki lose a baby?

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder have kept their first child, Bodhi Soleil, hidden from the public eye since her birth on July 25, but on Saturday, Reed decided to share the first glimpse of her little girl. The couple managed to keep their pregnancy under wraps until just two months before Reed gave birth.

Was Alaric Saltzman a vampire?

Alaric J. Alaric is a human, vampire hunter, former history teacher at Mystic Falls High School and a former Enhanced Original, not by being one of the first vampires as the Mikaelson Family is, but instead being turned through an altered version of the spell used on the Mikaelson family.

Why did Kat Graham leave in season 1?

Why Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder wanted to kill each other in season 1. The actors reportedly didnt get along in real life either. Graham explained to AOL that they hated each other at first.

Did Nina and Paul ever dated in real life?

Though for several seasons of the series, Wesleys character was Dobrevs love interest, in real life Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder, who played Damon Salvatore, were actually dating. The pair broke up in 2013, two years before Dobrev left the show.

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