Question: Is the monkey app real?

Monkey is a video-chat app for iPhone and iPad, and connects users around the world with like-minded individuals for 10-second video chats using their Snapchat usernames. If you make a connection, you could have a friend on social media, which can be as important as real life.

Did Apple take monkey off the app store?

The Monkey app is still around, and you can see and download it on Google Play. However, it appears like the Apple store has taken it down unless you downloaded it before theres a way you can still access it.

Is Monkey app safe for kids?

This app poses safety concerns because of how kids can so easily speak to strangers but the video bit makes it easy to tell if a person is safe (and who they say they are). Most of the people on this app seem to be other teenagers too and its easy to tell if someone lied about their age so you can end the call.

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