Question: Who is Kie dating in real life?

Who is Kie dating?

John B and Sarah Cameron are dating in real life! On Sunday, Outer Banks star Chase Stokes confirmed his romance with costar Madelyn Cline on social media.

Who is Rudy Pankows girlfriend?

But recently Rudy has been in the spotlight for more than just his character JJ. On Friday Rudy made a public statement on Instagram defending his girlfriend, Elaine Siemek, after she was accused on Twitter of cultural appropriation and racism.

Are Rudy and Madison dating in real life?

The pair are still together now, and share loads of cute pictures together on Instagram. They were nominated for Best Kiss for Outer Banks at the MTV Movie and TV Awards 2021 and when they accepted their award they iconically full kissed on stage.

Are Rudy and Elaine still dating?

Rudy Pankows colleague Elaine Siemek is confirmed to be his girlfriend. Elaine has known Rudy since 2020, according to sources. Although the pair have kept their relationship a secret, it has been revealed that they are dating. They were frequently spotted on set together as well as attending events simultaneously.

What nationality is Madison Bailey?

American Madison Bailey/Nationality

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