Question: What does the secret word in monster seeking monster do?

In Monster Seeking Monster, when the secret word is: pops up on screen, if you type the word into a message it triggers thunder in the game. Thats it.

What does the mummy do in monster seeking monster?

Mummy. Everyone the Mummy dates becomes cursed, and then, so do the players they date. At the end of the game, Mummies steal half a heart from every cursed player. But if everyone has been cursed, then the curse is lifted and no hearts are stolen.

Can you get Jackbox for free?

Jackbox Is Offering Free Games & Slashing Prices On Almost Everything. Its easy to get bored while youre stuck at home practicing social distancing. Once you get the Steam code for a Jackbox game, you can redeem it on your account to start playing.

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