Question: How do you please a Thai woman?

How can you tell a good Thai girl?

She may ask what you do for work or even how much you money you make. Thais have a very straightforward attitude with money and many of them speak openly about how much they make and so forth, but a good Thai girl would never ask money from someone she barely knows.

Should I send money to a Thai girl?

The way you spend in Thailand is what they will expect when you go home and start sending money to your Thai girlfriend. If she is a money grabber it might be wise to move on and bin her. The Thai women who are more your own age will be looking for a solid future and normally protect your money as if it was their own.

What does nit noi mean in Thai?

Small - little bit Nit noi - Small - little bit.

What is Mai Mee in Thai?

— its actually mai mee, mai mee loie, mai koie mee - literally dont have, dont have at all, never have

What is Mai AOW in Thai?

Mai aow (khap/ka) – “I dont want it”

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