Question: Where is the anatomical site of the most common permanent colostomy?

Where is a permanent colostomy placed?

A colostomy is created from a part of the big bowel (Colon in Latin) and is usually placed on the left hand side of the navel. The output is faeces that are usually firm and formed.

What is the most common permanent colostomy?

A sigmoid colostomy (Figure 7) is the most common type of colostomy. Its made in the sigmoid colon, and located just a few inches lower than a descending colostomy.

Which part of the colon is the preferred site for permanent colostomy?

Placement of the stoma on the abdomen can occur at any location along the colon, but the most common placement is on the lower left side near the sigmoid where a majority of colon cancers occur. Other locations include the ascending, transverse, and descending sections of the colon.

What is the site for colostomy?

The stoma, ileostomy traditionally on the right and colostomy on the left, is placed in the center of this triangle, through the rectus muscle slightly below the umbilicus. The site should be 5 cm away from skin folds, prior scars or bony prominences, and the patients belt line.

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