Question: What should you never do in a marriage?

Whats the worst thing you can do in a marriage?

Doing any of these 7 things can potentially ruin your marriage, and sometimes cause irreparable damage to you and your spouses relationship.Being too indulgent. Cheating on your spouse. Being too selfish. Thinking youre better than your spouse. Being too negative. Fighting all the time. Being too lazy.

Do and donts of marriage?

What is Love? The Dos and Donts of MarriageDONT be selfish. DO put your spouse first. DONT be rude. DO be kind. DONT bring up their past mistakes. DO forgive. DONT anger easily. DO be patient. DONT be proud. DO be humble.May 8, 2014

Do and donts in life?

8 dos and Donts of Life 1 Do Learn to Use a Hammer and Nail. 2 DONT Take Anyone for Granted. 3 Do Learn How to Make Friends. 4 DONT Trust Any One Person with ALL Your Secrets. 5 Do Take a Risk Every Now and then. 6 DONT Worry over Everything. 7 Do Take Care of Your Body. 8 DONT Walk around with a Bad Attitude.

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