Question: What percentage of Richmond is black?

According to the most recent ACS, the racial composition of Richmond was: Black or African American: 46.86% White: 45.47%

What percent of Richmond is white?

45.5% TablePopulationPersons 65 years and over, percent 12.8%Female persons, percent 52.6%Race and Hispanic OriginWhite alone, percent 45.5%54 more rows

What was the racial makeup of Richmond in 2000?

CensusViewer - Graphs & Tables: Race by AgePopulation by Race, 2000 CensusCountsPercentagesAmerican Indian and Alaska native alone4790.24%Asian alone2,4711.25%Black or African American alone113,09357.19%Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific native alone1570.08%3 more rows

What percent of Oakland is black?

Race & Ethnicity The largest Oakland racial/ethnic groups are White (28.3%) followed by Hispanic (27.0%) and Black (23.2%).

Is Oakland a black city?

Oakland Demographics White: 35.48% Black or African American: 23.75% Other race: 16.94% Asian: 15.50%

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