Question: How do I help my girlfriend with anxiety?

How do I help my partner with anxiety?

Tips for living with someone with anxietyPursue some anxiety-busting pastimes with them. Encourage that person to resist avoidance behaviour. Reassure them about their anxious thoughts. Be the calm in the other persons storm. Accept that you dont have all the answers.Sep 28, 2017

What should I not tell my girlfriend about anxiety?

14 Things You Should Never Say to Girls With AnxietyHave you tried meditation? Have you tried minding your own business?Calm down! I would if I could. Just think about something else. Do you really believe that thats how thinking works?More items •May 25, 2016

What should you not do with anxiety?

Instead, make them feel safe, distract them from their worries, and keep them in the present. You should never tell someone with anxiety to stop feeling worried or that they are irrational. Avoid calling someone with anxiety crazy or insane or that theyre simple an anxious person.

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