Question: Why was the Elgin pocket watch so important?

The Elgin pocket watch was known for keeping “Railroad Accuracy” and one of the most well-known railroad pocket watches. Not long after that, the first wrist watches were released. The Lord Elgin and the Lady Elgin would become a few of the first American-made wristwatches.

Why was the invention of the pocket watch important?

An Introduction. Pocket watches have been an important part of modern civilization and developments in the watch world. Ever since the 16th century, they have been an integral part of male fashion. These small, round timepieces represented portable clocks and were a status symbol until mass production became easy.

What does a pocket watch symbolize?

The pocket watch is of course a symbol of time, the measurement of all action and events by which all significant memories can be recorded. The image of a pocket watch is incredibly personal and serves as a representation of the life of he, or she, who wears it.

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