Question: Why is Tinder logo a flame?

The Tinder icon is all about passion and connection. The most famous dating app in the world uses the most common symbol for peoples relationships — the flame. The Tinder Icon is composed of a gradient pink and orange square with rounded angles, as a background, and a stylized white flame in the middle.

What does the fire thing mean on Tinder?

In this case its talking about the dating app Tinder, so an ex tinder flame would be an old case you had with someone on tinder.

What is the meaning of Tinder logo?

Official Tinder Flame Company Logo The logo resembles a flame or a red heart also, which is referring to love, attraction, hotness of using Tinder.

Which dating app has a fire symbol as its icon?

Tinder Dating app Tinder has replaced its text logo with a slightly fatter gradient version of its well-recognised flame symbol. The icon, which had formerly occupied the place of the dot over the letter i, has been given a gradient makeover and placed centre stage.

Did Tinder change its logo?

Get inspired! Earlier in 2017, Tinder unveiled a new brand logo, wherein it dropped its text-based logo and replaced it with a new interpretation of its flame symbol. The logo change accompanies an app redesign, which is “cleaner” and “more seamless to navigate,” says Tinder, with more tapping functions.

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