Question: Can you romance Ashley in Mass Effect 3 if you didnt in Mass Effect 1?

Yes. You can abandon your previous relationship with Miranda to pursue Ashley in Mass Effect 3. As a rule of thumb, you can initiate a romance with characters returning from Mass Effect, who were romance options in that title, and new characters introduced in Mass Effect 3.

Can I still romance Ashley in Mass Effect 3?

Ashley, who is only available to Male Shepards, is unique among the Mass Effect 3Romance options because she is one of only three who can both be Romanced for the first time in this game, or have a Romance from a previous game continued.

Can you romance Ashley after Miranda?

If you were Loyal to her and didnt Romance anybody in Mass Effect 2, youll be able to reaffirm that you still love her, or be more reluctant. If you werent and Romanced Tali, Miranda or Jack, youll have the option to choose Ashley over them.

Can you romance Liara in Mass Effect 3 if you didnt in 1?

Liara is again available for a male or female Shepard and, unlike other popular romance options like TaliZorah vas Normandy or Garrus Vakarian, even if Shepard romanced someone else in Mass Effect 1 or Mass Effect 2, she is still an available option in Mass Effect 3, provided Shepard has broken things off with the

What is the best romance in Mass Effect 2?

Heres a look at some of Mass Effect 2s best romances, and some of the weaker options as well.2 Jack.3 Garrus Vakarian. 4 TaliZorah vas Neema. 5 Thane Krios. 6 Samara. 7 Kelly Chambers. 8 Jacob Taylor. Jacob is not gods gift to women. 9 Morinth. Morinth is certainly one of the more interesting characters in Mass Effect 2. More items •18 Jul 2021

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