Question: How does a gentleman treat his girlfriend?

Gentleman always supports her, A gentleman never forced her or tries to dominate her, a gentleman always encourage her for her ambition and dreams, Gentleman understands that women are as strong as them and They will never have any problem standing behind their partner when support is required, Gentleman never

How can I be a gentleman in a relationship?

11 Ways to be a Gentleman When in a RelationshipDo as you say. Say things nicely. Hold the door for her. Bring her home after a date. Have initiative over the little things. Seek permission from her parents/siblings/guardian when going out. Be polite (even to strangers). Be especially polite to your mom.More items

How can I satisfy her emotionally?

How to Emotionally Satisfy a WomanDomestic support. Share the responsibilities of running the household. Make love, not sex. Well, physical intimacy is not limited to just one goal! Downplay ogling. If you are out with her make sure all your attention is on her. Make her laugh.17 Jan 2014

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