Question: Where can I meet financial guys in NYC?

Where do finance guys hang out in NYC?

Stone Street About: Its a historic street in the Financial District packed with bars and restaurants. Tip: Go when its warm outside for happy hour. A lot of bankers, brokers, traders and NYSE guys go there.

Where can I find cute guys in NYC?

6 Sexiest Spots to Meet Sophisticated Bachelors in NYCRose Bar (Gramercy Park Hotel: 2 Lexington Avenue) Cipriani Downtown (376 West Broadway) The Library at The Nomad (1170 Broadway) Bar Hugo (525 Greenwich Street) Up and Down (244 West 14th Street) The Campbell Apartment (Grand Central Station)Mar 18, 2015

Where do investment bankers hang out in NYC?

4 bars to meet bankers in New York1) Stone Street Tavern. Stone Street Tavern backs onto one of the few pedestrian streets in the city and is lined with fun places to meet and greet. 2) Dorrians Red Hand. Red checkered table-cloths say old New York, in the most classic sense. 3) Casa Lever. 4) Cipriani Club 55.

How do I meet single men in NYC?

Over Tinder & Bumble? Heres How to Actually Meet People in NYC.Get involved in community events and sports leagues. Be an active participant when youre out socializing. Try the Hello Challenge Make a calendar commitment to go out and stick to it. When you do meet someone, give it some time.Mar 3, 2016

Where do Wall Street bankers eat?

5 places where youll actually find Wall Street eating lunchMilos. The dining room at Milos, NYC. Milos, Facebook. Nobu. Henry Hargreaves/Facebook. Zuma. Zuma, Facebook. Limani. Limani, Facebook. The Four Seasons. Julian Niccolini, a co-owner of The Four Seasons. Lets focus in on one spot Sarah Jacobs.Mar 4, 2016

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