Question: Whats the difference between a Gretsch and a Fender?

Is Gretsch made by Fender?

Gretsch. In 2002, Gretsch entered an agreement that granted Fender-exclusive rights to develop, produce, market, and distribute Gretsch guitars worldwide. The brands electric guitars have a classic style and a long history in country music; one of its most popular models is named after country artist Chet Atkins.

How do you identify a Gretsch?

Gretsch serial numbers typically appear on the back of the headstock and begin with a two-letter prefix code indicating the country of origin and specific manufacturing facility, followed by numbers indicating year and month of manufacture and sequential order of manufacture.

What kind of pickups do Gretsch guitars use?

Currently, Gretsch offers four general pickup types with varying levels of output. From lowest output to highest, these are their pickup types: HiloTron, Dynasonic, FilterTron, FullTron, and BroadTron. Here is an abridged description of the main pickup families for Gretsch guitars.

Where is Gretsch guitars made?

Electromatic guitars are made in Korea by a company called World Instrument Music Corporation. There are also solid body Electromatics models that they make in China.

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