Question: Why did Harry and Cara break up?

Though neither party has confirmed a reason for the split, Styles alludes to cheating on Rowe in another of his new songs, Fallen. In it, Styles sings: Im in my bed youre not here/And theres no one to blame but the drink and my wandering hands/Forget what I said, its not what I meant/Now I cant take it back.

Who was Harry Styles girlfriend when he was 14?

But they hooked up over three years later when Harry had matured and was a member of the worlds biggest band. Harry was 19 at the time but had an old head on his shoulders because hed already been in a relationship with Caroline Flack who was 14 years older than him.”

Who is Harry Styles most recent girlfriend?

Olivia Wilde Harry Styles and new girlfriend Olivia Wilde are the celebrity couple we didnt see coming, and the Dont Worry, Darling stars look loved up already.

Why did haylor break up?

They reportedly broke up following an argument during a New Years holiday in the British Virgin Islands. The pair jetted out to spend time alone together after Christmas apart.

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