Question: What percentage of workplace relationships fail?

Its not all fun and games though, as a massive 84% of employers are not happy with their employees dating and even 4% of people have lost their job due to a workplace relationship. The worst is when a relationship goes south as 21% of people have quit a job due to awkwardness following a doomed romance.

What percentage of coworkers have affairs?

Workplace affairs are incredibly common, with stats suggesting that 65% of office workers have had a relationship with someone at work, and while only 19% of employees admit to cheating with a colleague, 44% say they have known coworkers who had affairs at work or on business trips.

What percentage of people find love in the workplace?

Just one-in-10 couples (11 percent) are now finding love in the workplace, according to a new report. Nearly one-in-five romances in 1990 were forged at work, in comparison.

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