Question: Where can I find a co-parent online?

What does a co-parenting site like PollenTree com do?

Lesbian or gay couples can also agree to be co-parents sharing parental duties between both couples. Finding a co-parent on PollenTree is easier - when you complete your PollenTree profile suitable co-parents are automatically suggested to you on your profile page. You can also search on PollenTree for co-parents.

What does co-parenting include?

Co-parenting is a post-divorce parenting arrangement in which both parents continue to jointly participate in their childrens upbringing and activities. This involves a substantial amount of interaction between the parents (both in public and in private).

What is the difference between co-parenting and parallel parenting?

coParenting is for those parents who can problem-solve together in the best interest of the child, even though they no longer live together. Parallel Parenting is for those parents who may or may not share custody, but cannot interact or problem solve.

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