Question: Who is the rapper ASAP Rocky dating now?

US rapper A$AP Rocky has announced that he is in a relationship with singer Rihanna. The rapper described her as the love of my life in an interview with GQ.

Is Rihanna still dating ASAP Rocky 2021?

Rihanna, 33, is officially off the market. The singer turned mogul is dating longtime friend A$AP Rocky, 32. Heres everything we know about the power couple, from when they were first speculated to be dating to their recent date night in July 2021.

Are ASAP Ferg and ASAP Rocky still friends?

He and A$AP Rocky also remain close. While the two may not post it on the Gram, Ferg reveals that “while all of this was happening,” he was in L.A. with Rocky. “We was working on music and everything for most of the quarantine,” he said.

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