Question: Where are Drupal modules located?

Drupal will look for modules in a few different locations; The root /modules directory (preferred), or any /sites/*/modules directory. Within these locations, Drupal will recurse through all subdirectories looking for modules. A common practice is to add all modules downloaded from to /modules/contrib.

Where are Drupal modules stored?

/core directory All core modules and libraries files are now located in the /core directory. In Drupal 8, you can still use the Drupal 7/6 best practice of putting your custom and contributed (downloaded) modules into /sites/all/modules but you can also just put them into the /modules directory, which has the same effect.

What is Drupal root folder?

When you install Drupal, the directory containing Drupals core code files is referred to as its docroot, or document root. Not only does the docroot directory contain Drupals core code files, but it also includes all your websites files and directories. The docroot directory can have any name. php file.

How do I download a Drupal module?

StepsCopy the address of the tar. In the Manage administrative menu, navigate to Extend (admin/modules). Click Install new module. Click Install to upload and unpack the new module on the server. Click Enable newly added modules to return to the Extend page. Locate the Admin toolbar module and check it.More items •5 Apr 2021

How is Drupal organized?

Almost all information in Drupal is stored as a node, the basic unit of content. By default, there is no hierarchy or structure imposed on these nodes: they do not reside in specific sections of your site, and different kinds of nodes (images, blog posts, news articles, etc.)

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