Question: What problems do wheelchair users face?

Powered wheelchair users face a variety of challenges, such as mobility, transportation, comfort, and limitations on the places they can travel if they dont have the right device. Some common difficulties include tight spaces, rough or uneven terrain, and slopes and inclines that can make it easy for the chair to tip.Powered wheelchair

How does being in a wheelchair affect your life?

For many people living with a disability, facing depression and mental health issues can make carrying on difficult. “Think of how your life is changed in an instant following spinal cord injury. You are grieving your former life while trying to establish a new normal for you and your family/loved ones.

How do wheelchairs adjust to life?

Start with things that will make the biggest impact on your life. Remove the clutter, so that your wheelchair wheels dont get stuck on things. Add threshold ramps in places where floor levels are uneven between rooms. A modular outdoor ramp will also make it much easier to get in and out of your home.

How long is someone in a wheelchair?

How long should a resident be in the wheelchair for? We would recommend that a resident spends no longer than 3-4 hours at any one time in the wheelchair before being transferred to another position.

How can you help someone in a wheelchair?

Make them comfortable Lower your friend or family member into the wheelchair slowly and steadily, making sure they are fully seated in the chair, not perched on the edge. If they are able to stand and lower themselves into the chair, stand behind it and hold on to the handles to make sure it doesnt move.

How do you fly if you are in a wheelchair?

Usually you take your own wheelchair down the gateway to just outside of the entrance to the plane, where you transfer to an aisle chair, and then the staff wheel you onto the plane and to your seat. Sometimes you transfer to an aisle chair at the gate, and then the staff wheel you to the plane and then to your seat.

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