Question: Who is AKAs Babymama?

Who is Da L.E.S baby mama?

Leslie Jonathan Mampe, known by his stage name Da L.E.S, and the mother of his daughter, Aurea Alexander, responded to the AKA cheating claims made on Mac Gs Podcast and Chill on 17 May.

Are AKA and Da L.E.S still friends?

It has been reported that the two rappers are now no longer friends due to the drama. Reading the statement on his podcast platform, MacG went on to reveal that the Tembe family did not think that AKA really loved Nelli and was rather using her socially to get close to her familys wealth.

Who is Da L.E.S father?

Leslie Jonathan Mampe Da L.E.S/Fathers Early life and music career Mampe was born in Washington D.C., United States, to South African parents, Leslie Jonathan Mampe, an IT specialist who worked at IBM, and his wife, Priscilla. Mampe, Sr. was a collector of music LPs and was known for hosting parties.

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