Question: What happens if you cheat on your girlfriend in Persona 4?

Is there a penalty for dating everyone in Persona 4?

No penalty here. You wont get executed either.

Can you cheat in Persona 4 Golden?

The following Persona 4 Golden cheats are currently available without having to spend a single dime: Num 1 โ€“ Infinite HP. Num 2 โ€“ Infinite SP. Num 3 โ€“ Items Dont Decrease.

How do I use cheat engine in Persona 4?

UsageLaunch Persona 4 Golden.Open Cheat Engine and attach it to the P4G.exe process.Load the p4g-pc. CT table. If prompted, allow the main table script to run.Enable the table via the [ENABLE] script at the top.

Does Nanako want to marry you?

With nothing else better to do that day, Nanako tags along after being invited as well. On the final day, with her Social Link Maxed, Nanako is saddened by the fact that the protagonist has to leave and declares that she wants to marry the protagonist when she is older.

Is Marie only in Persona 4 Golden?

In the credits of Persona 4 Golden, Marie is the only non-playable character to appear. The other character to do this is Margaret.

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